Tex the Skipper

Born in the middle of the mountains and with an incredible phobia of water up to the age of five, no one would ever have bet a cent that I would end up living on a boat… in the middle of the sea then!

Certificates: Yachtmaster RYA, Italian boat license SAL, Expert Sailor FIV (Italian Sailing Federation), First AID and BLS, Firefighting, Diesel engine maintenance, GMDSS - SRC, Open Water PADI Diver

Non-practicing architect, for reasons of "survival", I worked in the computer sector for many years, the last of which in a publicly owned company, and I have seen things that you humans ... My salvation? free time, weekends, holidays and any other useful time to organize sailing courses and boat trips in both summer and winter. I did this for a very long time, and it wasn't that bad, despite having a lot of effort and not always feeling at ease, especially in recent years when professional satisfactions disappeared and the feeling of "not being in the right place" increased more and more .

So I decided to change. I absolutely had to live and not survive anymore. A few years to design, two long waiting periods to test and then zac! A clean cut. I left the elusive permanent place, the house, the city, friendships, a partner (almost more convinced than me) who preferred to disappear when I left. And now I'm sailing to live, but also not to get lost. Sailing is my life. The boat that hosts me my friend and my livelihood.

The sacrifices are many, certainly more than before, but I live like this to be free, because I'm not sure I can live so much that I can waste more time. And I don't even want to wait to be free but maybe so terribly old that I don't even realize it. I changed everything because I no longer wanted to live in the eternal compromise of a half-lived life, forced to work to do or buy things that I considered useless or at least superfluous. In the future I don't know exactly what will happen, but that's the beauty of it right ?. It is enough for me that today, now, at any moment, no one has the authority to order me what to do. Nobody. Except those who love me, of course or for some very good reason.

For now I enjoy the time that is mine again. Mine in every moment: when I read, when I admire a beautiful sunset or take a walk, when I scrape the bottom of the boat for ten hours straight or when I try to fix something. When I die, whether it is tomorrow or who knows how long, no one will be able to say that I have not lived everything to the last drop. But above all I will not be able to say it!

Many ask me "why COMANTE?"" because I have very nice friends who call me that and it makes me laugh a lot !!!   view the video

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They say about me...

Ivan R. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2018
Roberto really a great skipper! I immediately noticed and personally experienced his great experience and professionalism, which allowed us to spend an unforgettable holiday in complete safety. Excellent cook and teacher, available to give explanations on sailing and all its facets. In short, a man of the sea and for the sea!

Luigi G. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2018
It was a wonderful holiday; Roberto is really a nice person, available and with great experience of sea and sailing. PS is also a very good cook :)

Giulia M. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2019
To have a new perspective of the sea and to look at different aspects of life with eyes: thank you Roberto for letting us navigate in safe waters, thank you for your sensitivity and for the care you have had every day our.

Emanuele G. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2019
Recommended experience! Expert skipper available to satisfy all requests.

Claudio C. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2019
A man and a professional beyond expectations. We will meet again soon.

Roberto S. – Cuba, cayos, snorkeling e coralli. - 2019
Tex is the classic sea wolf ... polite and solitary ... he never misses an opportunity to advise you and make you feel at ease ... as well as a great navigation expert he is a truly exquisite person to share a holiday.

Silvia D. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2019
First experience on a sailing boat, apart from a few sporadic weekends and I would do it again a thousand times !!! It was a wonderful week in the company of people never met before but all special! Roby was our captain, few words but good; ) and of great professionalism! In the end he had to give in ... David Guetta can't be said no! :) Thanks Roby and thanks guys for the wonderful experience!

Terry D. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2019
Very experienced skipper, attentive captain and available with the crew and also ... unsurpassed cook! what more could you want from a holiday with adorable and fun travel companions in a wonderful sea like the one our skipper introduced us to? Absolutely recommended experience!

Alessia V. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2020
Beyond all expectations ...! First experience on a sailing boat, definitely to be redone. Thanks Roberto and thanks to all the crew. I will always take you with me!

Linda R. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2020
Unfortunately my second sailing experience with sailsquare has already ended. I had to say goodbye to Roberto, our captain, and many new friends. Hope to see them all again soon. The boat has something magical, it always changes and enriches you a little. It is a unique experience that you would like to repeat as soon as you go ashore and that I recommend to everyone! Roberto the "captain" is very experienced, his CV speaks for him. He always made us navigate in total safety in all weather conditions. We visited beautiful coves, enjoyed endless sunsets, starry skies and breathtaking sunrises. Life on a boat is spent between laughter, sailing lessons, relaxation, aperitifs, preparing delicious lunches and dinners and diving. There was no lack of evenings ashore for a bit of worldly life. Well what else to say ... see you soon!

Elena B. - Ibiza y Formentera - 2020
First sailing experience which turned out to be a fantastic discovery thanks to Roberto, the pleasant company and the beautiful sea. Roberto is an easy-going skipper, nice and very helpful, able to understand the needs of the crew. He knows Ibiza and Formentera perfectly and led us to discover the most beautiful coves and corners of these islands. In this week we managed to combine the relaxation of the boat with the fun that these islands offer. Absolutely recommended holiday, definitely to be redone! Thanks again to the great sea dog Tex and all the crew !!!