San Blas, Panama

If you have already been on board with me you will surely have already heard of San Blas and its valiant inhabitants. You will certainly not be disappointed, one of the few places in the world that is relatively easy to reach but still extremely natural and wild.

You will always carry this holiday in your heart. It will never stand still, a different adventure every day. Endless coral atolls, snorkeling among corals of all colors and fish of all kinds: nurse sharks, trumpet fish, stingrays, sea eagles, angelfish, huge starfish and lots of lobsters, to see and eat.

We will go up rivers in the middle of the forest in search of crocodiles, herons, kingfishers, monkeys and lizards running on the surface of the water. We will visit the indigenous communities of the Kuna on their village islets and with them we will go to the discovery of their land among mango trees, avocados and plane trees.

From December 2021 there should be all the conditions to be operational again, ready to receive you on board in this enchanted place, in complete tranquility and safety, do not miss this opportunity.

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