I carry out transfers of sailing and motor boats throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

Do you have no time or desire to move your boat to the place of your next summer holidays or to the shipyard / winter port? I'll take care of it in maximum safety and tranquility.

Over the years I have carried out several transfers of both private boats and on behalf of dealers, such as Gran Soleil, Jeanneau, Beneteau. I can provide references from my former clients if requested.

I am able to transfer both sailing and motor boats with max LOA 78ft using, if necessary, my own crew. The transfers will be carried out with the utmost professionalism, respect for safety and punctuality.

Acceptance of the transfer will be subject to a verification by me of the state of the vessel: state of the hull and dead work, check of the engine / s, safety systems and equipment and regularity of documents.

In addition to having a personal insurance policy, together with the owner / client, I will evaluate the opportunity to activate (if you do not have one) a "bodies" policy for the transfer period.

Rates for multi-day transfers from € 3 to € 4 per nautical mile.

Rate for daily transfer from 100 € to 150 €

Travel expenses to and from the boat, the galley, any port expenses, fuel and any other expenses related to the boat are excluded from the previous quotas.

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